Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Great Resource - The Jerusalem Market

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I just found out about this great new website, The Jerusalem Market, and I am so happy to be able to introduce them to you all. 

English speakers in Jerusalem - this site is FOR YOU! This is THE place to buy and sell things in Jerusalem. You can list anything you want to sell, from the smallest item to a whole household's worth of furniture. You don't need to code or do anything difficult to make your listing - they'll take care of putting up your listing for you once you contact them. They make it easy and FREE to list your item - just fill out a form or send them a whatsapp.

If you're buying a small item, they have a partner who will deliver it to you for a flat rate of 20 NIS, to most parts of the capital city. If you buy a large item, they have delivery options too! (Delivery is at the buyer's expense - but it's a super convenient option. I know I've bought furniture and then seriously struggled to figure out how to get it home. This way you won't get stuck standing in the street with a dresser - been there, done that!)

They have even figured out a way to reach the people who don't browse online: they send a weekly catalog including EVERY ITEM listed on their site by email to their mailing list! Those people can then contact the sellers, too!

So if you're looking to reach a wider market with things you're selling, The Jerusalem Market is where you need to be.

They also offer really reasonable premium packages for upgraded listings.

Here's a screenshot of some items listed there right now - you can see that people are selling everything you can imagine! This looks like a great way to get a Jerusalem bargain and an eco-friendly purchase, as there are a lot of people who buy nice things and then they end up moving or leaving the country not long after. This is a great way to save some resources! 

So if you're looking to buy something and Jerusalem is convenient for you, you should totally add The Jerusalem Market to your list of places to look! 

Have you used this site? Let me know in the comments how it went!


  1. How can I get information about low cost deliveries in Jerusalem.? Thanks in advance.

    1. Use the Jerusalem Market website for this. I'm not affiliated with them


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