Thursday, June 25, 2020

Car Rental Deal!

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Need wheels this season?

It can be hard to get around with public transportation, especially right now. Sometimes you just need the flexibility of going where you want, when you want. So here's a deal for a discount car rental for a week!

The deal is for your chose of an X-class rental for 479 NIS for a week, a J-class rental for 699 NIS for a week, or an I class rental for 999 NIS for a week. Insurance is INCLUDED, and you'll have a maximum of 700 km travel included. Maximum rental period is 3 weeks at this price, with no option of extending further. This deal is only available for a few more days. I recommend checking with Budget about when you must redeem it, as it doesn't say. Call *2200

Driver must be at least 18 years old and have had a license for at least 2 yrs for the X class rental, 23 years old and have had a license for at least 2 yrs for the J class rental, or 25 years old and have had a license for at least 2 yrs for the I class rental.

If you exceed 700 km for the week, you'll be charged for every km over the limit (1 or 2 NIS plus VAT for every km over, depending on which class car you rent).

Airport rentals are not included.

You'll need a valid credit card in the driver's name available, with sufficient available credit to secure the rental.

There are other conditions, please read the Groo deal carefully, and call Budget at *2200 with questions!

Click here to go to GROO to buy this deal!

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