Sunday, June 14, 2020

Groo Mask Deals

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Despite our attempts to stay away from people, we've come to realize that this Coronavirus problem is probably going to be around for a while. And that means creating a new normal. While ideally, I would love to just live life and do what some people are doing - pretending there is no pandemic, walking around unmasked, having guests and hosting parties - I don't think that is the most responsible course of action. And yet, I don't want to be shut up in my home for months on end.

So, I'm doing my best to sort out fact from fiction, and do what works for my conscience, while doing what we can to protect our mental health as well. Because after all, even the biggest introverts need some social interaction, too. This pandemic life is hard.

So I will be super up front. We are maintaining physical distance from people, in as much as that is possible. We are being super careful about cleaning our hands, and sanitizing high touch surfaces. And we are being careful to wear masks outside of our home and yard.

(I must say, I think if the long term outcome of this pandemic is that people are more aware of hand hygiene, we will be in such a better place EVENTUALLY.)

Even if it's uncomfortable, even if it feels weird and unnatural, a mask goes a long way towards stopping the spread of germs. Let's all do our part and help keep our communities safer and healthier. We all know someone who may be high risk; someone we know and love is most likely in a vulnerable population. We can protect them and the loved ones of our friends and neighbors - even the ones we don't know - by simply wearing a mask AND maintaining a safe distance (at least 2m is recommended). It's a small discomfort we can put up with in order to prevent someone else from suffering.

Note: a mask is not a substitute for common sense. Practice good hygiene, stay away from people who are coughing and sneezing, don't go out if you're coughing and sneezing. Be thoughtful and careful!

Anyhow, I wanted to make it easier for everyone out there to find a way to wear a mask when outside.

Here's information about some of the specific kinds of masks you can find there (but not all):

Face protectors (5 of them, for about 90 NIS, free shipping) - these are reusable as long as you take the time to properly sterilize them:

Disposable face masks for about 1.60 NIS per mask, not including shipping. Shipping is between 16 - 25 NIS. Disposable face masks should not be reused:

Click here to go to Groo and buy these 

Child size disposable face masks:

Click here to go to Groo and buy these 

Washable cotton face masks - 3 sizes available - This deal comes to 5 NIS per mask, plus a shipping fee. You can't choose your pattern, though:

Click here to go to Groo and buy these 

Thanks for making an investment in society with your purchase of masks! 
The more we demonstrate that we understand that the use of masks is not just about us, it's about the vulnerable people around us, the more we can hope that others will also show they care.

Here's to HEALTH!

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  1. I agree- it's not normal but its got to be the new normal to social distance and wear masks.
    We are starting to get together with a friend or two on the deck or outside for a walk only and keep 6 ft away and wear masks .


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