Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Kosherfrugal.com's Ebay Deal of the Day!

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Still trying to reign in your spending, but not sure how to do it?

I'm begun posting ebay deals here, and plan to continue on a regular basis, that will help bring costs down.

Today's deal is PERFECT for those of you, like me, whose kids constantly ask for expensive biking accessories.

My kid has been bugging me to get cycling gloves for him. So I finally agreed. And then -- I was shocked when I saw the markup at all the local stores (and even the internet-based Israeli stores)! I mean, serious price gouging. We are looking at about 80 shekels per pair, even for the cheapest ones!

So I decided to ebay them - you've got to see this!

Check out the screenshot on the left here - you can find this listing at https://ebay.to/2w3UPFt -- I searched ebay, and discovered that even if I buy TEN pairs I will spend about 70% less than that. (ok, I'm definitely looking at the less expensive lines... but still!!!)

I'm ordering several pairs of these right now! I'm not going to kid myself and think they'll last forever, but at this price point, I honestly don't care very much. Biking is a really pricey hobby and I've got to find ways to help my son keep it up, without going broke!

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Happy savings!

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