Wednesday, November 22, 2017

My Not too Expensive (I hope) Thanksgiving Shabbat Menu

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It's November,the rains have begun (but it's not yet cold in the house), and the leaves are even changing color on a few of the trees around here, so we're fondly thinking of autumn in America...

Even in Israel, lots of Americans like to celebrate Thanksgiving, but, since we don't have a day off, most of us do "Thanksgiving Dinner" for Shabbat. 

(This also makes a lot of sense for budget conscious people - who needs a big celebratory dinner on Thursday right before Shabbat, anyhow?)

So, that's what we're doing - Thanksgiving themed Shabbat. I opted not to make a whole turkey this year, as we're not hosting a very big crowd. If you are roasting a whole turkey, I hope you found a roasting pan! If you don't have one, consider buying this one for next time you need to roast a turkey! It should fit in a standard Israeli oven, but it's a great size for a turkey!

Here's my menu plan:

Spelt Challah

Orange Vegetable Soup

Turkey Wings and Turkey Breast 


Cranberry Sauce (I bought some, as it was easier for me this year than it normally is. Though I considered buying this product when I wasn't sure what to do... another time!)

Potato Kugel for all my die-hard potato kugel fans

Roasted Yellow Zucchini (I couldn't resist when I saw them!)

Spicy Sweet Potatoes

That should be enough, and we probably won't need dessert, but I have fruit for dessert if anyone insists on it!

Shabbat lunch will be whatever is leftover - there are sure to be plenty of leftovers!

If you love Thanksgiving, too, please share your Israeli-American Thanksgiving menu in the comments! I'd love to hear what you're doing!

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