Monday, November 20, 2017

Food Recalls!

Today, the Ministry of Health announced a recall of the following products:

Brand: TelFrost
Product: Corn Kernels
Package Size: 800g and 1 kg
Expiration Date: 12/09/19, 1/10/19, 23/10/19, 31/10/19

Brand: TelFrost
Product: Leket Ha'Onah (Seasonal Vegetable Mix)
Package Size: 800g
Expiration Date: 16/08/19, 25/09/19

Brand: TelFrost
Product: Garden Peas
Package Size: 800g
Expiration Date: 17/10/19

Brand: TelFrost
Product: Okra ("Bamiya")
Package Size: 800g
Expiration Date: 13/09/19

These products are being recalled because batch tests showed that they may be contaminated with Listeria.

The products are being recalled, and consumers are instructed NOT to eat them.

If you have purchased these products, please call the company at 02-651-9099 for further instructions.

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