Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Reveal Chai - Special Discount!

I know some of you are looking for Chanukah gifts, and I have another great deal to share with you!

Reveal Chai, the new card game about Jewish Life, has 3 different ways to play - making this a really great deal packed into a teeny little box! It's multilingual (English, Hebrew, Spanish, Dutch, German and French) and is great for all ages, but especially great for kids aged 3-10 ~ because there's no reading required.

This game has just joined the promotion I told you about for Reveal Israel last week: Buy 1 get 5% off, Buy 2 Get 10% off, Buy 3 Get 15% off, Buy 4 Get 20% off! Just put the games in your cart and the discount will show up at checkout (from this seller only).

Whether you are buying this game as a gift for someone, or you're sharing this deal with your friends and family in America, make sure you all hurry and take advantage of this discount!

This deal ends Dec. 31, 2016

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