Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sugat Recall! (Israel)

The Ministry of Health and Sugat announced an important recall:

Pesticides were found in a batch of wheat kernels that was processed and packaged by Sugat.
The pesticides are identifiable - they look like turquiose grains.

The recall affects the entire batch, for safety purposes, even if you don't see any turquoise grains in the package.

Please check your Sugat brand wheat kernels:

 1kg package, barcode 729010070006
500g package, barcode 7290003643738

and Rami Levi store label wheat kernels:
1kg package, barcode 7290015994118

The recall applies to these products with the following expiration dates (printed on the package): 8/11/17, 8/11/17, 10/11/17, 11/11/17, 13/11/17, and 14/11/17

These products are UNSAFE to eat!
Please do not use them. Call Sugat Customer Service at 1-700-550-222 to arrange for a return/refund/replacement.

Please share this post with anyone who may have purchased this product!

This picture shows what the pesticide pellets look like. They are about the same size as the wheat grains, but are TURQUOISE. Do not eat them!

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