Monday, December 26, 2016

Chanukah Deals! (and more)

Happy Chanukah! Here are a few of the deals I found that I know you don't want to miss this week!

These deals of the the week are a joint project of and Janglo

(Some links in this post are affiliate links; I may get paid a commission when you purchase thru these links. Thanks in advance for your support!)  

Buy one or both of these new games: Reveal Israel or Reveal Chai right now and SAVE 5%-10%-15%-20% - discount ends soon! (these ship within the USA)

If you're still looking for Chanukah Entertainment - check these deals:

Tour in the Old City of Yerushalayim (2 tickets for 55 nis)

Live the Bible Workshop in the Old City of Yerushalayim (2 tickets for 48 nis, 3 for 69 nis, 4 for 89 nis)

Bowling and Snooker in Beer Sheva (4 people for 89nis, other options available)

Day out at the Dead Sea (Biankini Beach)  (35nis/pp)

Pizza Hut in Jerusalem for half price (a great way to wind up a fun day out when you haven't cooked supper in advance!)

Win NIS 100 of Chanukah gelt every day at SherlockS (this Jerusalem store is having a daily chanukah raffle)

Get 10% off at the Maimonides Puzzle Room in Tiberias. Use code "Kosherfrugal" when you make your reservation!

Trying to keep the kids busy on rainy days this winter? These deals may help:

Big Art Kits for 39 nis 

Set of 5 Wood Puzzles for 39 nis (Paw Patrol)

Stay Warm with these deals:

Glass kettle and 4 double walled glass teacups for 149nis

Discount Admission to the Ramat Gan Country Club (card for 11 entries for 299nis)

Name Brand Winter Boots for kids for just 99 nis! (these are the warm kind, not rain boots)

Disposable Contacts for a year for an AMAZING price! (and free shipping) (OK, I know the contacts won't keep you warm, but you do NOT want to miss this deal if these contacts will work for your eyes and Rx.)

Happy Savings! Let me know what kinds of deals you want me to look out for! I'd be happy to keep an eye out for them for you!

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