Thursday, September 22, 2016

Food Recall

Today's recall is Silan - Date Honey.

The Emek Hefer Apiary announced a recall that affects Natural Date Honey, in squeeze bottles (only), sizes 340g and 490g.
Some bottles are bloated, suggesting the product is defective. The products are currently undergoing testing.

The following products are affected:

1. Emek Hefer brand - Silan Pure Date Syrup, 100% Natural, barcode 7290012359385

2. Shufersal Green brand - Natural Silan, Date Syrup with no added Sugars, barcodes 7296073222811 and 7296073229766

3. Saba Chaviv brand - Natural Silan, Pure Date Syrup, barcode 7290011593070

The recall affects the products listed above with a use by dateד of 17/02/17, 16/06/17, 18/06/17, 19/08/17, 6/09/17, and 19/04/18

Consumers who have purchased any of the products listed above are instructed NOT to consume them. Please call customer service at 04-637-1674 or 04-637-0105 to arrange your return.

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