Sunday, September 18, 2016

Latest Recalls

There have been a few recalls I haven't yet reported here. Here's what you need to know:

1. Tavlinei Maimon Spices:
The manufacturer is recalling the following products, due to the presence of mold in some of the packages:

a. Coarsely Ground Chili Pepper - 80g bottle, barcode 7290010002214, with production code 123903, and expiration date 03-2017

b. Whole Chili Peppers, 150g bag, barcode 7290010003815, with production code 124018, and expiration date 04-2017

The public is advised not to consume these products. Please call the company at 1-700-071-071 to arrange your return

2. Importer  Dan Next Imports announced that a small number of packages of Dibus Mini {Cookies} were incorrectly labeled Gluten-Free. 

While these cookies are free of eggs, nuts, and lactose, they DO contain gluten. Consumers are invited to return to the store where purchased for a refund, and steps are being taken to relabel the product.

3. Schleider Laboratories announced a recall of "Nature Premium" brand Premium Iron Syrup, due to a labelling issue. 

The products being recalled are labeled with Batch code B: 22061601 and have an expiration date of 06/2019. Consumers who purchased this product should call the company at 02-595-2770 to arrange your return.

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