Monday, September 26, 2016

Updated Silan Recall!

The Emek Hefer Apiary is expanding last week's Silan recall:

The new recall is for two additional varieties of Silan, that, due to a suspected packaging problem, may have become bloated during normal storage conditions, are the following products:

Emek Hefer Silan, Pure Date Syrup 100% Natural, in 250g squeeze bottles, with barcode 729001235921, and expiration date 18/12/17

Emek Hefer Silan, Choice Date Syrup, in 500g squeeze bottles, with barcode 729001235330, and expiration date 4/01/18

Consumers who have purchased any of the products listed above are instructed NOT to consume them. Please call customer service at 04-637-1674 or 04-637-0105 to arrange your return.

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