Monday, May 30, 2016

Tofu with Date Honey & Ginger Sauce

For Shabbat, I made Chicken in Date Honey & Ginger Sauce. My family really likes this recipe, and it's become my new go-to Shabbat Chicken recipe.

And since I have one vegetarian child, I decided to see how he would like Tofu with Date Honey & Ginger Sauce... (You can do this with chicken cut into small pieces, too, if you're so inclined)

(Note: Date Honey (Silan), even the all natural, no sugar added kind, is MUCH less expensive than Bee's Honey! It has a different flavor, so I don't use them interchangeably, but it's a great option when you are looking to sweeten a recipe without straight sugar.)


1 block of tofu (about 300g), cut into strips
1 "splash" of olive oil for the pan
3 Tablespoons Date Honey (also called Silan)
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
ginger (I used dried ground ginger because that's what I had on hand, you can use fresh grated ginger instead if you prefer) to taste
garlic and ground pepper to taste

First, saute the tofu lightly in olive oil.
Add all the other ingredients to your pan and stir while cooking over high heat. 
It's done within a couple of minutes.

Serves 3, at least.

Got a thumb's up from the veggie son!


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