Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Exclusive Coupon for Coffee Lovers in Israel!

Do you love coffee?

I recently found out about this small, mom-and-pop coffee roasting business here in Israel with excellent coffee. I've been brewing their coffee for the past 5 or so days, and it is GOOD, really good!

This is specialty coffee roasted to perfection in small batches. They offer a variety of roast profiles, and you are sure to find one you love among them! While not all varieties are certified organic, these are "chemical-free" coffee beans.

You are also going to be pleasantly surprised with their pricing - online prices are 70 shekels for 500g, or 130 shekels for 1kg. (Compare that to the prices I saw at the specialty coffee roaster in one of the malls in the Galil a few weeks ago - over 150 shekels/kg - and that was a "sale"!)  

Choose from single origin roasts or a blend. The owners will be happy to discuss flavors and blends with you to be sure you get the perfect coffee for you!

Before you order though, I just have to share this exclusive coupon with you, making this an even better deal! Use coupon code "Save10" to get 10 shekels off the current price! Just place your order by email or phone - send a note to zehcoffeeco@gmail.com or call 054-682-6103 or 058-484-5071, and be sure to specify coupon code "Save10".

Not sure which one you want? You can ask for a 5 shekel sampler, and try out a few different roasts! 

You can find them at  Zeh Cafe Coffee Co. on Facebook, so go visit them and give them a like, and support a small business in Israel.

So go ahead, enjoy your coffee! Let me know which blend or variety is your favorite!

And for those who were wondering, yes, all of Zeh Cafe's coffees are Kosher for Passover (כשר לפסח)!

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  1. You realize this may be one of your most important posts ever? A truly great mitzvah.

    mordechai - katzrin sometime in the next two years

    1. :-) So happy to help out!
      Please share with all your coffee loving friends in Israel!


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