Saturday, March 7, 2015

Planning for Pesach!

Purim is now behind us, so we have less than one month to go until Pesach. It's time to plan, so that the week before the holiday is not crazier than absolutely necessary, and so that we can manage to make the holiday without spending way too much money.

So first I am announcing a pantry challenge, with modifications.

This week, the only grocery shopping we'll be doing is fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, and any pesach items that we see for a great price, or chicken if there's a great sale, because most of the chickens I've seen are already sporting "kasher l'pesach" on their tags, and we can stick it in our freezer. If there is no sale, we may just make it a chicken wings Shabbat, and keep our whole chickens in the freezer for Pesach.

So who's up for a pantry challenge?

This week will not be difficult for me, because I'm actually super well stocked, but next week you may see me getting a little more "creative".

I'll try to post our menus soon!

In the meantime, here's a glimpse into my messy, overstuffed, disorganized pantry. I'm sure none of you out there are jealous of my lack of organizational skills!


  1. I'll also start working on using up the chametz! My husband told me to get home some soy milk so he can finish up the cereals. Good luck to you!

  2. I'm on the same plan...pantry cooking and things like beans and rice that we can't eat on Pesach


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