Sunday, July 20, 2014

Menu Plan for the Week - Pantry Challenge

I keep shoving things into my freezer and it's time to use some of it up.

In reality, my pantry shelves are getting a little bare, but I have too much in my freezer, so I'm hoping to get away with minimal shopping this week.

(Full disclosure, I will buy a few things - fresh milk and some fresh produce, plus I really am low on olive oil so I need to restock that, and perhaps a couple of bags of pasta and cornmeal, since I'm out of those essentials...)

So the plan is to do a mostly pantry challenge week - so we use up things that have been hanging around for a while. In light of that, I'm not planning a menu, I'm just going to have to see what I find in the freezer and fridge to use up and DO it.

I'll try to blog some interesting menus during the week! I know there's a strange mix of stuff in my freezer!

Anyone else doing a pantry challenge?

I'm actually sharing a picture of my ridiculously over-full freezer for all of you to see. PLEASE don't jump down my throat if you see something odd or completely junky in there. Yes, even here, we occasionally succumb to temptation and buy the junk! Please be kind to me when I just bared the contents of my normally private freezer.

(I feel so exposed.)

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