Sunday, July 27, 2014

Deal Alert!


A LOT of you have asked about discounted membership to the The Israel Nature
and Parks Authority.

And I've been waiting for one too! So I was really happy when I saw this deal show up this afternoon!

Here's a Group-e deal for an annual membership or renewal.

There are a lot of options so make sure you choose the right one for your needs!

Here's a rundown of the options:

Membership for:      Couple                                           220 ש"ח
                               Couple + 1 child                             272 ש"ח
                               Couple + 2 children                        317 ש"ח 
                               Family (3+children)                        357 ש"ח
                               Adult + 1 child                               198 ש"ח
                               Adult + 2 children                          239 ש"ח   
                               Adult + 3+ children                         299 ש"ח 
                               Couple (seniors)                             176 ש"ח 
                               Couple (seniors) + 1 grandchild       218 ש"ח 
                               Couple (seniors) + 2 grandchildren  253 ש"ח
                               Couple (seniors) + 3 grandchildren  285 ש"ח 
                               Senior + 1 grandchild                      159 ש"ח 
                               Senior + 2 grandchildren                 191 ש"ח    
                               Senior + up to 4 grandchildren        239 ש"ח
                               Senior Citizen                                 115 ש"ח
                               Adult                                              145 ש"ח
                               Student                                           144 ש"ח
                               Soldier                                              50 ש"ח

There are a few things to note: children up to age 5 are free
A Family membership includes all children in the family under age 18

For full information, please read the Group-E page carefully.       


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