Monday, May 19, 2014


I don't usually bother to post lunches but  we are having our first watermelon of the season and I just wanted to share it.

Lunch today is grilled cheese sandwiches, cherry tomatoes (got some for 2.90/kg), and watermelon. Simple stuff, but everyone is happy to have them!

THIS is what summer feels like! I love when we can just cut open a watermelon and enjoy its sweet juiciness...

What's your favorite summer treat?

I'm waiting for grapes to come into season! I love summer fruits. And smoothies made with them...


  1. How much was the water melon - I don't buy it till it is about 2 NIS. Grapes I bought for 15 NIS a couple of weeks ago. We love all summer fruit - nectarines, loquat, apricots. Would love to get cherries but they were 30 NIS and I thought that was too much.

    1. The watermelon was 1.90/kg, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it.
      I think we're going to have to go cherry picking here in the golan one day - want to come?
      I haven't seen grapes for 15 yet, but I also hear they are still not at their sweetest... Looking forward to finding lots of great fruits very soon!


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