Thursday, May 1, 2014

10 shekel deal

Do you have a baby in diapers?

My youngest is LONG out of diapers, but when she was little, she reacted to diapers. she'd get these terrible red, angry, broken skin, awful rashes anywhere the diaper touched.

I finally discovered eco-friendly diapers (I used Seventh Generation diapers, which are readily available in the US and Canada, but here in Israel would need to be ordered from overseas), and they were a lifesaver. (No, I did not cloth diaper, I just could not manage at that stage in my life)

So there are now a few brands of eco-friendly diapers making inroads in the disposable diaper market in Israel, and right now you can get a sample pack for a nominal charge of 10 shekels (which more or less covers the shipping to your home!).

Click here for the deal.

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