Monday, March 31, 2014

Saving money, a bit at a time...

So I just spent a ridiculous sum of money, since we are about halfway through our kitchen overhaul.

I figured it would be prudent to find a way to save a few shekels this week. That won't really make a dent in the thousands I have to pay, but it makes me feel better (a tiny bit) to say I saved money.

So here is what I did:

Found a place that had lots of produce priced between 90 agurot/kg and 1.90shekels/kg, and what we bought there (plus toilet paper at 63 agurot per roll and milk at 5 shekels/L) is the bulk of this week's grocery shopping, except that we do plan to start the Pesach shopping this week!

Found a place to buy goats' milk - organic even - for less than I've been paying, so I know where to get it from now on!

Found a place to buy specialty goats' milk cheeses for many, many shekels less than I've been seeing, so I'll be able to get some before Pesach!

Gave away a bunch of clothes to make us feel less crowded in our house.

Sold a bunch of nearly perfect condition clothes (for very little, but that's the way it is with second hand clothing).

Washed and set aside a few other things I'd like to sell.

Doesn't seem like much, but some days I just need to feel like "every drop counts"!

Did you save any money this week?

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  1. I sent some items we can't use to a charity which frees up space in my house and will be deductible come tax time.

    I cooked at home every day this week and what we didn't consume I froze. It will be nice to have some meals to eat in the winter that were made from the fresh, organic veggies we've been getting from our farm share this summer.

    We sanded and repainted the hanger that holds our bird feeder. It had fallen off the house and needed to be put back up but when we saw how rusted it was my husband suggested we purchase a new one. I counter-suggested that we use the leftover spray paint from another project and if it didn't work out at least we tried before we spent for a replacement.


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