Monday, March 31, 2014

Deals at Home Center

I'll be near Home Center tomorrow, so I decided to check out their sales and see if they have anything on my list.

I discovered they have a  selection of small appliances on sale right now for 2/100 shekels. This sale includes:  a hand mixer, a sandwich maker, a toaster, a citrus juicer, and a kettle. 

They also have a selection that are on sale for 2/200 shekels, including: 6.5 liter slow cooker, an immersion blender (with attachments), a stainless steel kettle, a mixer with a stand (not exactly a kitchenaid, don't get your hopes up), and an iron.

They also have a selection on sale 2/300 and 2/400. You can check out  all their sales in their circular 

And they have steam mops starting at 300 shekels! I dream of having floors clean enough to justify having a steam mop!

Do you have any plans to buy new appliances this Pesach season?


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