Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Superpharm Coupons - last call

Don't forget to download Superpharm's coupons to your smartphone, or if you are one of the last holdouts, like me, and don't have a smartphone, print them out if you plan to use them!

Note: You MUST sign in to their website to print a valid coupon.
The pictures here do not contain barcodes and will be rejected!

Most of these coupons expire tomorrow!

Here's what's available:

Head and Shoulders shampoo for 11.99, valid thru May 8

K300 (some sort of poison. please skip this one) for 16.99, valid thru May 8

Nivea sunscreen SPF 30 for 39.99, valid thru May 8

Persil laundry detergent (1.25 kg) for 8.99, valid thru May 8

Some sort of Lip Gloss for 29.99, valid thru May 8

Omega 3's 5 shekel discount, valid thru May 31

 Life hand cream, for 11.99, valid thru May 8

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