Thursday, May 23, 2013

Shabbat menu planning

We're working on eating up our pantry and freezer stock. So, as I mentioned earlier, in the past 2 weeks, our grocery spending was at least 250 shekels less than usual for a 2-week period. And my meals have been slightly unusual, but we're still good to go (but we will pick up a few staples tomorrow - we need milk and butter and leben and cheese).

Here's the plan for Shabbat, using foods on hand, and with minimal cooking time. I am wiped out from a super-busy week!

Homemade whole wheat challot
Maybe soup, but it's kind of hot, and I'm leaning towards skipping it.
Spicy roast chicken
Garlicky roast potatoes
Barley or bulgur with onions and mushrooms
Cut veggies - tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots

Banana-coconut breakfast cake
Oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies

I usually end up adding an item or two, but I am SO tired right now I cannot imagine I will actually do that this week!

Shabbat Shalom! Let me know what's on your menu!

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