Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cheap produce

I am desperately trying to save money this month. I feel like I am just able to make a tiny drop in the bucket though. I KNOW my summer months (June, July, August) are going to be very expensive, so I just like to try to even things out a bit, you know?
Unfortunately, I am not going to manage to save huge sums of money. Sadly, that is the truth. Mostly because I really already do not spend huge sums of money...

But I am going to focus on trying to spend as little as possible for now.

So... this week you can get some veggies for 2 shekels/kg.

At Mega they have tomatoes, cabbage, onions, and carrots for 2 shekels/kg - today thru June 3rd. Beware of the total of 6 kg per purchase (not per type).

At Yesh they have cabbage, cucumbers, and onions for 2 shekels/kg - until Thursday only. Limit 4 kg per type.

I haven't seen other ads for 2 shekel produce, but other stores often put a few types at that price. Let me know what you find for 2 shekels or less!


  1. Mega usually includes potatoes in this basket of goods but you have to also spend 100nis in the shop on other thing (not hard). Good luck.

    1. Not my mega! Only when they have an advertised sale on potatoes - usually potatoes are 6 there. Ridiculous. But Yesh does often have them for 2. We'll have to be on the lookout for unadvertised specials...

  2. They often have veg at Rami Levi and at Supersal deal for 1 shekel per kilo (limit 3 kilo per type)for those with relevant club cards. There are many extra offers on Fridays if you can bear the crowds.


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