Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weekly meal plan!

Here's my meal plan for the week, assuming we don't go grocery shopping until Friday.

This is just using whatever I have in the house, my plan for now is to try to use up the staples I have in my pantry so we can start fresh after we move (more on that another time).

Lunch: pasta with alfredo sauce, cucumbers
Supper: Sandwiches, salad, and watermelon

Lunch: Sandwiches, carrot sticks and tomatoes
Supper: homemade pizza, home-fries, cucumbers

Lunch: Lentil and potato stew with vegetables, garlic bread sticks, make-your-own salad
Supper: Grilled cheese sandwiches, spicy roast carrots, stove-top grilled peaches with leben

Lunch: vegetable soup with potato dumplings, crackers with chumus and homemade leben cheese with zaater
Supper: Pasta with tomato sauce and cheese, roasted cauliflower, salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, purple cabbage, feta cheese)

Lunch: anything leftover from the week
Supper: Tomato soup, salad, lentil-sloppy sams on homemade rolls

For snacks we'll have popcorn, various muffins, and whatever fruit we happen to have on hand...


  1. Oooh I have ripe peaches in the fridge. I like the idea of grilling them and serving with leben. Do you sprinkle them with sugar before you grill them? Wait - what's stove-top grilling? I thought to use the oven grill.

  2. Hi! I don't add any sugar, they are sweet enough as is.
    And you can broil them in the oven for sure - but I have a stovetop grilling pan kind of like this one -


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