Thursday, December 27, 2012

Printable Coupons (Israel)

SuperPharm has a HUGE new batch of coupons up on their website!

Just click on the coupons you want, and then click the icon at the top of the page to print them.

Be sure to print them that way, as the ones on the regular coupon page do not have barcodes!

Just some examples of what they are offering:

Laundry detergent gel pods for 19.99

Stevia (100 satchets) for 24.99

Omega 3's - pkg of 210 for 49.99

30% off Solgar products

dish detergent (750ml) for 5.99

Disney shampoos for 9.99

Baby Wash for 6.99

Kleenex tissues with lotion for 8.99

Huggies diapers for 37.99

Shkidei Marak (Soup nuts) for 4.99

Nutella (350g) for 5.99

Lilly pastel toilet paper for 12.99

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