Saturday, December 29, 2012

Breakfast Trouble

It has become SUCH a problem in my house lately.

What do you eat for breakfast? What about your kids?

I have one family member who has decided that cholent is the ideal breakfast.

One who wants to eat pasta or pizza.

Some eat oatmeal or granola...


The cholent request was actually easy. I made a larger than usual vegetarian cholent for Shabbat and kept it pareve. I packaged it up into individual servings and those are frozen. They are in ovenproof containers. The cholent can be popped into the toaster oven before shul and should be steaming hot when shul is over. At least in theory.

I basically nixed the pasta and pizza request, but maybe I can accommodate that in the same way as the cholent request. Maybe I should make individual size baked ziti and freeze them -or something like that - for THAT person to pop in the toaster oven before davening!

I can handle oatmeal and granola requests. Those are normal...

I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with breakfast right now, though, since it takes so long to negotiate what each person will eat. And then get them to clean up when they are done... And my kids still think I should just buy cereal. They have this obsession with junky cereal they had at someone's house. The kind that looks like little chocolate chip cookies. That's their constant request. Sigh.

I try so hard to make sure they have healthy and delicious and frugal food. And they just want junk that won't help build strong bones, muscles, or brains.

What's an Eema to do?


  1. I am so happy you wrote this! I have the same problem. I have stock suppers and my daughter gets a hot lunch in school. Atm she has to take a 10am snack which, for Israelis is more like a late breakfast. It's not a problem - she gets a bread roll (just managed to switch her to wholewheat - Yay!), a little packet of raisins and a tiny tupperware of cut up cucumber or fruit (or a banana). But on the days when there is no gan I never know what to do. I'm thinking of giving her the same (even in the lunchbox) when we are at home. I have two slices of toast and something. How come she doesn't like toast? What's not to like?

  2. Yay for switching her over to whole wheat bread!
    If you know she'll eat it, why not give it to her at home too? At least then you will see if she actually eats or, or if she just nibbles and throws most out...

    I don't know why breakfast has to be a hassle... It just IS. Sigh.

    1. Every time I tell her the story of Goldilocks I enthuse about the porridge and I make it for myself with honey, eating it lovingly. DD is not remotely interested in even trying it. :(. But I think I will try the lunchbox thing next Shabbat - could be funny.

  3. I think every mommy struggles with each kid wanting something else- my boys will eat whole wheat spelt oat whatever, while my daughter will insist on her white rolls, at least they're homemade : )
    I make granola bars for my boys for breakfast - its a very flexible recipe so you can pretty much throw in whatever, oats, crispy rice, flax seed, oat bran, spelt flour, seeds, applesauce , silan or honey, and any dried fruit/nut you want.
    My daughter likes fresh fruit - cut up oranges and pomegranate.

    Maybe compromise with your kids re the sugar cereal and make it a Rosh Chodesh treat or something.
    I grew up on junk food, and am now obsessed with healthy eating, I find that explaining and showing kids what a healthy relationship with food is is the main idea, some refined sugars and processed stuff every now and then wont kill anyone


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