Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wednesday night - May 4, 2011

For some reason, Wednesday is looking like it will be a busy day. I have a bunch of errands to take care of...

The kids have been keeping me very busy. It was really hard to find enough time on Tuesday to make the homemade flatbread, but we did it. My little girls are so amazed that we can take flour and water and turn it into a bread!

I decided that Wednesday's menu has to be simpler, so we'll go with my go-to dinner for a busy night: breakfast foods! Now that I'm thinking about this, maybe I can avoid the supermarket still... (the question is, do I need to do any shopping before cooking for Shabbat? I know I don't want to make the mistake of going to the supermarket on Thursday night. That is just NEVER fun in this country, unless your idea of fun includes checkout lines an hour long...)

We'll be serving:

Grapefruit and Pomelit (I have both of those lurking in my fridge and it is HIGH time we finished them)

French Toast

Scrambled Eggs 

Cottage Cheese

Squash bread (from the freezer) - it's made with butternut squash and tastes a lot like pumpkin bread

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