Sunday, May 29, 2011


I was not the most favorite Eema  tonight. I served LEFTOVERS. I did not even try to disguise them, I just said, "deal with it, everyone eats leftovers sometimes!" and asked for my kids to be less kvetchy.

What is it about leftovers that makes so many people turn up their noses? The food hasn't really changed. Ok, so maybe it's "boring" but sometimes life is boring, so what is the BIG DEAL?

Please help me understand.

And for all those people out there - the ones I envy - who do once-a-month cooking, how do you get the family to eat "leftovers" all the time (my kids think anything that was previously frozen is "leftover")?

I'm really hoping to move over to OAMC next year, and I need some advice and inspiration.

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