Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thursday night, May 12, 2011

This week is flying by! I can hardly believe tomorrow is Thursday already. There is still so much to do, it's actually a REALLY good thing that I don't have to cook for Shabbat this week! (Yes, you read that right, I won't be posting my Shabbat menu, since I am not making one! Of course, this is good, and this is bad. I do not trust other people's cooking. There, I said it. You see, I am skeptical about other people's ingredients - what kind of oils do they use, do they use whole grains, do they use soup mix with MSG?!)

Anyhow, it's Thursday night, which in our house ALWAYS means pizza night. And since we still have so many cucumbers, we'll be eating those! Oh, and perhaps we'll make some home-fries (homemade french fries, cut thick, with the peels left on...) because my children love the junky combination of pizza and french fries, and perhaps I'll indulge them. Or maybe not, since after all, they'll likely eat junky food all of Shabbat... I can't decide. What would you do?:

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