Monday, July 27, 2015

Coupon for Olivia spreads

Trying to save time?
At least save some money too!

Here's a coupon for 25% off Olivia spreads

Coupon expires July 31, 2015

FREEBIE - Nikol garbage bags

Even though I'm not a fan of plastic bags, sometimes the reality is that they are needed. So I decided to post this freebie for you, despite my misgivings about buying garbage bags...

Want to try out Nikol's new garbage bags? They claim they are stronger and won't rip easily, so maybe they're worth a try! I know some of you out there go buy Kirkland bags at Osher Ad, perhaps these will turn out to be a less pricey alternative for you.

Just fill in your name, phone number, address, and email address (you can unsubscribe from their mailing list afterwards, don't worry) and they'll send you a trial pack!

Click here to sign up for yours!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Save Money on Kids' Shoes and More

Have you tried out MyHabit? MyHabit has amazing deals (that don't last long!) and fast, low cost international shipping!

If you're in Israel, like I am, and you spend up to $60 in your MyHabit order, your shipping costs will usually be $15 and you'll get your package delivered to your door with no additional fees!

Here's a great deal going on right now - Kid's Dress Shoes.

Rosh Hashana is right around the corner, and if you're like me, you don't want to spend hundreds of shekels on kids' shoes that are serious JUNK. I've found a lot of that being sold here. 
So --  enter MyHabit!!

You can get decent quality kids shoes for under $20 (some are slightly more), so you can save some serious cash this way.

I know you'll find good uses for the money you've saved!

And while you're there, check out the other deals, and then be sure to let me know what money saving deals you found!

Break the fast

It's really hot this Tisha B'Av - I hope everyone is managing to stay cool and avoid dehydration!

Hoping you make it to the end of the fast without getting sick!

Since the timing of the fast this year was just difficult, in my opinion, I haven't prepared a break-the-fast meal yet.

But here's the plan:

Cake left from Shabbat
Coffee and lemonade and iced tea

Real food:
probably Baked Ziti, or sandwiches, or whatever anyone feels like making. I'm not doing much cooking!

And it's just going to have to be "Good Enough".

Hope everyone has a meaningful and easy fast.