Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Discount Code - valid Tuesdays in May

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If you're shopping on Amazon with your Israeli credit card, you NEED to know about this Visa discount code!

Simply use code VISA10 when you checkout using your Israeli Visa credit card. You'll get $10 off if you spend $49 (or more) - valid ONLY on Tuesday this May (May 2, May 9, May 16, May 23). 

So go ahead and save on your next order!

Some things we buy online (in case you haven't yet discovered why it might make sense to shop online):

You might be as frustrated as I am with the prices at "tzanua clothing stores" here in Israel, plus sometimes I find the styles, while cute, are not what I'm looking for. But did you know that there are great deals with free shipping to Israel on popular tzanua dresses, shirts, and skirts? And some of these even have coupons you can activate for extra savings!! 

My dancer daughters can't live without these Second Skin bandages! They are amazing protection for sensitive spots in her pointe shoes. 

Another item we routinely buy is Nexcare Blister Prevention Tape. This stuff is great for when you haven't quite broken in your new shoes enough. 

We also buy difficult-to-find items, like Pimple Patches - your teens will love this product! - and soap refills for sensitive skin.

And we've found the most effective and least expensive way to control any pest problems you have in your house is to use this Ant Gel and this Roach Gel. Seriously, a few dots every few months should do the trick.

Also - books. We love to buy books

Check them out! Happy Savings!


  1. Has this worked for anyone today? Doesn't seem to be working for me......any suggestions?

    1. I know people have told me it works but it must be an ISRAELI issued VISA card. Anything else won't work


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