Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Restaurant Discounts!!

This post contains affiliate links. That means that I may get a paid a small commission if you click on a link and make a purchase, at NO additional cost to you! 

I'm so excited to bring you a whole list of discount Restaurant Vouchers (KOSHER) today! We all like to treat our loved ones (or ourselves) sometimes, so why not make sure to get the best deal for your shekels?! Check out these discount vouchers - there are all kinds of restaurants, in various locations throughout Israel!

As far as I know, all the restaurants listed here are KOSHER. If I know they're mehadrin, I've tried to make a note of that.

Get your sushi fix in Jerusalem - here's a voucher for Thailandi BaMoshava (Mehadrin) - your platter will be 24% off!

Jerusalemites will definitely want to check out Shepaduni's voucher for 2 (priced at 199 NIS!) (mehadrin)

Here's a deal for a discount voucher to Poke Bowl in Petach Tikvah or Herzliya! For 65 NIS per person! 

Here's a deal for a meal for 2 at Paradiso at Sarona in Tel Aviv, for 159 NIS instead of 265 NIS!

Going out to eat in Cesearia? Here's a discount voucher for lunch for 2 at Aresto!

Dinner for 2 in Tel Aviv's Schunat Hatikvah at Avazi, for just 139 NIS!

Looking for a Friday hotel breakfast buffet? Here's a discount voucher at the Ramada in Ramat Gan! 89 NIS for 1 / 169 NIS for 2

Here's a voucher for discount admission to the Leonardo Jerusalem's breakfast buffet! Starts at 79 NIS

Get your Caffit voucher (at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens) for 159 NIS or 189 NIS for 2!

Breakfast for two in Gush Etzion at BaYekev - the winery restaurant - 99 NIS for two!

Here's a deal for discount Sushi platters in Ramat Gan!

Love Italian food? Check out Castello at Namal Tel Aviv (mehadrin) - vouchers are available for 30% off!

Eating out in Netanya? Here's a deal for 2 at Casa Julia (mehadrin), for 159 or 189 NIS!

Coffee and Sandwich deal at LecheMoshe in Tekoa (Mehadrin)

Pizza deals (personal/family) at LecheMoshe in Tekoa, starting at 19.90

El Rancho (Tiberias) has a great deal for dinner for 2 for 199 NIS! (mehadrin)

Breakfast for 2 in Ashkelon: get your voucher for Gatos for 109 NIS!

Grab this deal for the Breakfast Buffet at the Leonardo-Negev (Be'er Sheva) Hotel! 69 NIS for 1 person, 119 NIS for 2!

My apologies for any discrepancies between the prices listed above and the price on the site. Sometimes prices change without warning.

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