Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Guide to Free activities on Pesach

Here's the list of free attractions for Pesach 2022. I have linked to websites in English, whenever possible. I hope you find this list helpful, and that you get to have some super-frugal fun over Pesach!

*Please note that I put a lot of effort into this post, tracking down websites in English for your convenience. I know the Bank Hapoalim info and other info is available to the public in Hebrew, but this blog post has added benefits for the English speaking community. Because it was so much work, I request that if you plan to share this information, you link back to my site. Thank you!*

Please leave a comment with your favorite place to visit!

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The following are free to the public courtesy of Bank HaPoalim. Pre-registration is required. Spots are rolling open, so if you can't find a ticket for the place you want to visit, you should try again first thing the next morning!



Meshek 77 (Strawberry picking and more) 
077-7295896 Click here to register  

Kibbutz Alumim Guided Tours Click here to register 

Hemdat Sadot Guided Tours Click here to register 

Oz Banegev Visitors Center Click here to register 

Ron Art Studio Presentations Click here to register 

El HaYa'en Farm experience 052-690-1660 Click here to register 

Chavat HaDekalim Petting Zoo 077-7296826 Click here to register 

Kibbutz Chatzerim Visitors Center Click here to register 

Other venues that are also FREE:

Lantern Tours at Naharayim (at dusk) Pre-registration required. Tours are in Hebrew, and are sponsored by the Israel Electric Company

Guided Tours at Nachal Far'am (Hatzor Haglilit) April 17-19, at 10 am and 1pm (in Hebrew). Meet at the Tomb of Choni HaMe'Agel.

Pesach Festival at Montfort Lake Tuesday, April 19 starting at 11:00am. Concerts and more

More coming soon!

Have a great time!

Please share this with your friends, so everyone can plan a fun and frugal Pesach!

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