Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The HUGE recall: Important info

In the last few days, you might have heard that the Strauss-Elite company shut down their chocolate production facility due to a salmonella issue.

They have been forced to recall HUGE amounts of chocolate, as well as other products that contain chocolate. Other companies, that source their chocolate from Strauss-Elite, have also issued recalls.

There's a lot of confusion out there about which products have been recalled. So here's the latest scoop:

The recall includes:

ALL Elite Chocolate Products*
Elite Cakes*
Elite Wafers*
Energy brand snack bars*
Energy brand chocolate covered rice cakes*
Elite Toffees*
Elite Gum*
*ALL expiration dates that are currently available)

Milky puddings with candy-coated chocolate topping exp. dates 26/4/22, 3/5/22, 11/5/22, 12/5/22, 16/5/22

Unilever products:
Magnum Duet exp. dates 1.9.23 - 6.10.23
Magnum White exp. dates 28.8.23 - 13.9.23
Magnum Chocolate exp. dates 29.8.23 - 19.9.23
Magnum Almond exp. dates 7-8.9.23
Magnum White Strawberry exp. dates 31.8.23 - 21.9.23
Magnum White Cone exp. date 7.4.23
Magnum Chocolate Cone exp. date 5-6.4.23
Magnum Mini Almond exp. dates 15.6.23 - 30.6.23
Magnum Mini Chocolate/Vanilla exp. dates 13.4.23 - 14.4.23
Magnum Mini Duet exp. date 15.9.23
Magnum Mini White exp. date 4.9.23
Magnum Mini Dark Chocolate exp. date 18.9.23
Vanilla Mini Ice Cream Treats exp. dates 28.8.23 - 22.9.23
Strawberry Mini Ice Cream Treats exp. dates 3.10.23 - 6.10.23
Bomba Ice Cream Bars exp. date 19.9.23
Mini Pesek Zman Ice Cream Multi-pack exp. dates 15.8.23 - 17.8.23
Shokobo Ice Cream Bars exp. dates 15.8.23 - 27.9.23
Pistachio Goodies exp. dates 3.10.23 - 4.10.23
Cremissimo Vanilla Chip Ice Cream exp. date 22.8.23
Cremissimo White Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Cream exp. date 1.9.23
Cremissimo White Chocolate Pistachio Ice Cream exp. date 8.9.23
Cremissimo Triple Chocolate Ice Cream exp. date 31.8.23
Cremissimo Chocolate Chip Ice Cream exp. dates 29.8.23 - 30.8.23
Solero Coconut Bar exp. dates 14.9.23 - 29.9.23
Mix Round Ice Cream Treat exp. dates 6-7.9.23

To get a refund for the Unilever products, call 1800-780-780 OR WhatsApp 053-7807800 or fill out their customer service form at

To request a refund for the recalled products Elite you've purchased but cannot eat, fill out the form here: or call *6860 or send a message via WhatsApp to 052-759-9752

If you are reading this from another country, you will likely be able to return your product to the store you purchased it at, or reach out to the importer listed on the label.

Hope that helps make sense of things! And I hope you didn't get sick from tainted chocolate.

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