Sunday, December 27, 2020

Some of My Favorite GROO Deals!

 this post contains affiliate links. this means that if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission, which helps me keep this website up and running! Thanks for your support!

Happy to be able to share some of the best deals of the day here:

1. Smart Tablet with a Hebrew/English keyboard. Includes 2 sim card slots. Great price (699 NIS), 1 year warranty, and free delivery to some areas of the country! This deal won't last long.

2. Wheeled Side Table - this looks like a really handy thing to have around, especially when EVERYBODY is trying to find a place to work and you just don't have enough space to get everyone set up! This side table is just 149 NIS and has FREE delivery right now.

3. Still don't have a spiralizer? Here's your chance to get one for 99 NIS and free delivery!

4. Here's a hand-held Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, with HEPA filter! 749 NIS and free delivery right now.

5. Check out this Darna "Magic Grill" - an electric grill that rotates your food! 299 NIS, Free delivery

Hope these deals are helpful! Don't forget to join my Facebook group for more deals! I also have a Whatsapp group!

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