Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Great eBay Finds!

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If you're one of the people who had gotten used to stocking up on certain items when you traveled, this post is for you!

Today's deal is all about OTC meds. You must know by now that they are more expensive, in general, in Israel, than in the USA, and a lot less convenient too. Here in Israel, usually OTC meds come in small containers (20-30 pills!) but many of us had gotten used to buying bulk-size packaging in America! Like 100 or more in a bottle...
So for convenience plus price, I really wanted to stock up in America, but no one in my family is travelling right now.

So I decided to ebay them - you've got to see this!

Check out the screenshot here - you can find this listing at http://ebay.to/3894QnT - and get yourself a huge bottle of ibuprofen (600 tablets!), for about 70 NIS - a whole lot less than the equivalent at your Kupat Cholim pharmacy, which dispenses OTC pain meds in packs of 30 for 11-20 NIS. The savings are really huge. The same holds true for other OTC meds. Check out some other deals here: http://ebay.to/2WgnAMt (acetaminophen) and http://ebay.to/34gqt4j (Tums). 

So, go ahead, save money on basics by ebaying them! Let me know what you're looking for!

Happy savings!

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