Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Savings for hobbyists and more!

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More than 9 years after returning to live in Israel, sometimes I still get frustrated by everyday costs. So just like any good Israeli, I shop online. Sometimes this means ordering from China, but lately that hasn't been working out so well for me - items have arrived damaged or not at all... so one of my favorites is - you guessed it! AMAZON!

Today I'm going to show you some of the purchases I find myself making because my kids have expensive hobbies.

Biking. I had NO idea when my kid joined a biking team what this was going to mean. The expenses are astronomical, and as the coach told me a few months ago, you could spend any amount of money and there will always be more expenses!

So recently we decided to purchase some equipment from Amazon, at significant savings over local stores (Sorry, local stores. We'd love to support you but it's just not always possible!):

1. Shock pump - This is actually a product I didn't know existed! But it seems every mountain biker needs one!

2. Cycling gloves - found them with starting at $4.99 (found similar ones locally at 60 NIS and up)

Another one is MUSIC.
My kids like to make music. Piano ... Guitar ... and more.

3. Piano tuning kit - it's come in handy for those minor tune-ups and apparently there's a piano tuning app that you can use to be sure you're getting it right!

4. Guitar picks - I don't think these are actually expensive anywhere, but these were seriously cheap and if there's room in the order...

Another one is DANCE. I am constantly buying new dance gear.

I just discovered a US based dancewear company and I'm totally loving their pricing and am gearing up to trying out some of their offers! 

5. Split sole ballet shoes - my dancers dance so many hours a week that they end up replacing their class shoes often!

6. Pointe shoes for SOO cheap I can hardly believe it! Could be too good to be true, and the reviews, as always, are mixed, so... I think I'll give it a try and see how it goes.

And the list goes on... But I bet you get it! 
Are you looking for a less expensive way to buy your gear like the ones I mentioned? Let me know and I can try to find it for you!

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