Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Olive Oil Deal!

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Hey everyone, I'd like to bring this great Groupon to your attention!

You all know we're a little olive oil obsessed in this country, and with GOOD reason! Olive oil is one of my favorite oils, but it is definitely NOT cheap, despite the fact that it is one of the oils that can be locally produced. Remember, if it's too cheap to believe, you're probably not REALLY getting a deal...

If you're like me, and are always, I mean always, looking out for the best deal on olive oil, you should check out this Groupon if you want some high quality, local olive oil.

Here's a deal for Israeli Olive Oil (grown on a moshav in the Jerusalem area) - get a 2 liter jug (69nis) or a 4 liter container plus a jar of cured olives (139nis if you do self pickup, or 149nis if you want delivery!).

There are several locations for pick-up, but you MUST call to make pick up arrangements at the location you want (the options include: Moshav Baku'a, Be'er Sheva, Rechovot, Moshav Tnuvot, Karnei Shomron).

Personally, I really appreciate when things can be delivered to my door, and I am so glad they offer this as an option! 

Enjoy your Olive Oil deal!

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