Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Imported Eggs: Possibly Contaminated with Salmonella

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about eggs from the Ukraine that were contaminated with salmonella.
This time, I am going to tell you about eggs from Spain.

The Ministry of Health suspects that eggs that were imported from Spain may contain, you guessed it, salmonella - and is conducting further testing.

In the meantime, the MoH has asked the public to be sure to only eat eggs that have been thouroughly cooked, in order to minimize the risk of food poisoning.

(Food poisoning is something to avoid, really, at all costs. It's awful. If you've never had it, you'll just have to trust me on that one, because I'm not going into the details here!)

You can check if the eggs you have are from Spain - they will have code ES stamped onto them.

Here is a list of countries that we currently import eggs from, and their corresponding codes. You will see one of these codes on the eggs you buy if they are imported (eggs produced locally do not have letter codes stamped on them):

Spain = ES
Holland = NL
Italy = IT
Ukraine = UA
Turkey = TR

Now that we know how to identify imported eggs, we will be more educated consumers. Personally, I'd rather get local eggs! How about you?

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