Friday, January 22, 2016

Dessert When I've Run out of Time!

Sometimes, especially on short Fridays, I discover it's 20 minutes till Shabbat and I haven't made dessert!

Ok, it's not the end of the world, there's always fruit.

BUT if I can make the whole family happy and pull something together very quickly, why not?

Here's what I need to do this:

2 bars of chocolate
1/2 cup peanut butter (optional)
1.5 cups crisp rice cereal (like rice krispies or B&D pitzputzei orez)
sea salt (optional)

First, melt 2 bars of chocolate (I use  double boiler but you can carefully use a microwave, if you prefer).
Then mix in 1/2 peanut butter. Stir with a wooden spoon till smooth. 
Add in 1.5 cups crispy rice cereal . Mix, then spread out in a large pan. 
Sprinkle sea salt over the top if you like. cool (in fridge or freezer) then cut into squares.

THAT'S IT! You're done, and dessert took no time at all!
My family is always happy with this simple treat!

(You can use crushed pretzel or corn flakes instead of the rice cereal, or combined with the rice cereal for an interesting and delicious twist!)


  1. Great idea. Luckily you can do the washing up after Shabbat has come in.

    1. except for the melting the chocolate part . . .

  2. that's almost exactly what I did like 15 min before shabbat this week! with corn flakes, using the microwave.


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