Sunday, January 31, 2016

Product Recall (Vitamult)

CTS announced a recall of the liquid vitamin supplement "Vitamult" today, due to a discrepency between the product labeling and the actual vitamin content of the supplement.

The discrepancies are in the Vitamin A and Vitamin D content. The products are labeled as containing 294 mcg of Vitamin A per 5 ml, when in reality they contains 150 mcg; and the label states that the product contains 5 mcg of Vitamin D per 5 ml dose, when in reality they contains 3.75 mcg.

The recall affects the following products: Vitamult, 110 ml bottle, batch 057140 (use by date 04 2016) and batch 057141 (use by date 02 2017).

Consumers with these products can return them to the pharmacy where purchased for a refund or replacement.

In case of any questions, call CTS customer service at 1-700-500-220

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