Thursday, December 24, 2015

Food Recall

S.H. Salatei HaShef (ס.ה סלטי השף) has announced a recall of the following products:

Chumus, 700g, production date 8/12/15, expiration date 28/1/16

Chumus, 3kg, production date 6/12/15, expiration date 28/1/16

Chumus, 3 kg, production date 9/12/15, expiration date 29/1/16

Red Cabbage in Mayonnaise, 200g, production date 10/12/15, expiration date 10/2/16

Turkish Salad, 200g, production date 1/12/15, expiration date 1/3/16

Eggplant in Mayonnaise, 200g, production date 22/11/15, expiration date 21/1/16

Techina, 500g, production date 13/12/15, expiration date 13/2/16

Techina, 200g, production date 22/11/15, expiration date 22/1/16  

Lab tests show that these products may contain Listeria. Consumers are asked NOT to eat these salads. Anyone who has purchased them should call customer service at 054-263-8586 or 04-647-3996 to arrange for a refund or replacement.

Please share this announcement with your friends and family who may have purchased any of these products. No one wants to get sick. Thanks!

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