Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Fraudulently Labeled Oil

Recently, some oil bottlers have introduced fraudulently labeled oils to the market.

These bottles were bottled by companies operating without proper licensing and without any kashrut supervision. They are labeled "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" with various kashrut certifications, but in actuality they are oils of vegetable origin and are not known if they are certified kosher.

The following oils were lab-tested and verified that they are of vegetable origin, NOT olive oil:

Gilad brand "Extra Virgin Olive Oil", max. acidity 0.5%, 1L bottles with a sell by date of 31.12.2018

Tabor brand "Extra Virgin Olive Oil", max. acidity 0.8%, 1L bottles with a sell by date of 21.12.2018 (producer number is 7532)

In addition, be aware that inspectors found labels for the following companies during the inspection of the bottling facility found to be fraudulently labeling oils: Shaarei Yerushalayim Olive Oil, Yerushalmi Olive Oil, Tabor Olive Oil, Gilad Olive Oil, Gilboa Olive Oil, Zeit V'Gefen Olive Oil (שמן זית שערי ירושלים, שמן זית ירושלמי, שמן זית תבור, שמן זית גלעד, שמן זית גלבוע, שמן זית זית וגפן).

Please share this post with others so people can avoid these oils! 

For more information about how to make sure the oil you are buying is authentic, please see this post from the last time there was an olive oil scandal.


  1. where were these being sold? like in regular stores like rami levy or osher ad talpiot?

    1. As far as I understand, so far they've been found in smaller stores. But you never know.


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