Sunday, December 27, 2015

Better Butter Prices!

Good news. It seems more competition is bringing lower prices!

Currently, Israeli butter is mostly sold in its price controlled version - 100g for 3.92 NIS.

But there's a new butter on the market for those who are looking for a better butter deal (and maybe even a better butter?)!

Shufersal has started marketing their private label Dutch butter for 6.84 for a 200g package, which works out to 1 shekel less than the price controlled version for 200g, or a savings of 12%. So it may be worthwhile to put butter on your "Buy At Shufersal" List. (Yes, I try to keep track of which stores in my area have the best prices on which products. It really helps!)

I am really looking forward to seeing more private labels come onto the market, more breaking up of the "monopolies" and more prices coming down for the average consumer. All of us here in Israel can really use this sort of help with our budgets! Lower prices will really help us all find that breathing room we need - and I know many people need it. I hear about the need to lower grocery spending from people in all income brackets. It just seems like we ALL feel we spend too much of our incomes on food.

Do you have any thoughts on this trend?

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