Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What do I order from iHerb?

Here in Israel, there is a special allure to ordering products online. It's generally a money-saving move, if you know where to shop, and what's worth importing. That is the key to feeling like you got a great deal! And don't forget shipping charges - one of the things that often trips people up is shipping. Make sure you order from retailers that ship using the postal service, not FedEx and UPS, that way you'll avoid all sorts of extra fees!

A favorite site among ex-pats and native Israelis is iHerb. They sell natural products, vitamins, supplements, etc - usually for less than the equivalent at local health food stores, and they have a far wider selection. And right now, they have flat rate shipping to Israel for just $4 per order (max weight per order is 4.0 lb, shipping special ends Sept 30)! **UPDATE** they continued this flat rate shipping indefinitely.

I often get asked, what's worth buying at iHerb? So I put together a list of my favorite things to order from them to help get you started. Many of you out there will have DIFFERENT favorites, and that's totally ok, because they carry so many products that each person can find his/her own unique way to save while getting what's needed! 

(If this is your first time ordering from iHerb, any of these links will automatically load a $5-$10 discount into your cart, depending on the total cost of your order!)

So here's my list of favorites, in no particular order:

Palm Oil (this eco-friendly version is not available in Israel at all, and is perfect for making frosting or fudge)

Magnesium Tablets (these and many other supplements are quite pricey in Israel and iHerb is a great way to save!) 

Stash Teas (I buy these when they are on sale, as the sale price comes out to less than the lowest price I can find herbal teas for locally, and these are just SO MUCH HIGHER quality!)

Vitamin D Tablets (so many people are deficient, it turns out! And my doctor prescribed a rather high dose, and what's sold here is very low dose and more expensive)

EO shower gel (we like this kid friendly all-in-one shower product that doesn't irritate our skin!)

Ricola throat drops (these work out to be only slightly less expensive than the local price, so I use them as a "filler" product, never as my "reason for buying")

Stain Remover (this Ecover product is GREAT, and iHerb's price is slightly lower than I can get it for locally when there's a sale, but again, I just use it as a "filler product" when I'm ordering other things and there's space left in the order)

Witch Hazel (it's really not easy to find witch hazel products locally, and if you love witch hazel, you'll be thrilled with iherb's price. This one is a toner with alcohol in it - great for teens' skin issues - but they also have plenty of no-alcohol witch hazel products)

Coffee Filters (unbleached)

Brown Rice Pasta (only when they're on sale, great for people who don't eat wheat! The local equivalent is more expensive unless there's an amazing sale)

Grapefruit Seed Extract (similar product, 1/4 of the size, cost more than twice as much at my health food store, and so many people are convinced this keeps colds away!)

Essential Oils (I use them in homemade cleaners)

Soy-free Teriyaki Sauce (for my soy allergic child)

Calendula Cream (so soothing and wonderful for eczema!)

I also regularly check the Specials Page to see if products I use are on sale and work out to a better deal thru iHerb during a sale, and I also occasionally will order a hard-to-find spice.

If you haven't ordered from iHerb, now is the perfect time to check it out!
And please let me know what your favorite deals are!

p.s. if anyone wants to try out Vitacost for similar products - you can get a $10 coupon toward your first $30 purchase using my referral link!

This post contains affiliate links, thanks for your support!

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