Sunday, September 6, 2015

10 Shekel Movie Tix!

It's Coming!

Israeli Movie Day is almost here - this year it's on Wednesday, September 9th. 

Tickets for Israeli Movies will be just 10 shekels (if you buy online, expect to pay an additional 4 or so shekels in fees), and 57 movie theaters are participating.

Among the participating theater chains are: Cinema City, Yes Planet, Rav-Chen, Lev, Globus Max, and Cinematek. In addition, some independent movie theaters will participate, including: The Tel Aviv Museum, "Kolnoa Kochav" in Ramat HaSharon, "Kolnoa Eilat", Matnas Arad, Beit Gavriel, Hadera High School, The Jerusalem Theater, and more.

150,000 people are expected to take advantage of this deal.

Enjoy your Israeli movies!

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