Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sug Bet Haul!

I was passing by the makolet, and as I approached, I had few hopes of finding anything good on the sug bet rack.

From afar, I saw mostly empty boxes, as the top layer of boxes was deceptively empty.

When I got closer, I found full boxes of produce, stacked at ground level instead of on the racks. Some of the produce was not useable at all, but I managed to pulled out plenty of decent produce in the end!

I know I said I was sort of doing a pantry challenge, but I am always ok with buying some fresh fruits and vegetables (especially fruits!!), especially when it's a great price, and we can either use them this week or prep them and freeze for some other time!

Here's what I got for a total of16.70 NIS:

The breakdown is (approx weights):

850g artichokes (4 of them)
600g assorted peppers
200g not-yet-ripe tomatoes
2 kg cauliflower
200g carrots
900g kishuim
140g pears (actually 1 pear)
250g shesek (loquat)
290g lemons (2 lemons)
180g fennel
1.2 kg peaches and a nectarine
1.3 kg eggplant 

And now, I must go fit it all into the fridge (except the tomatoes) until I get back to them later!

Have you found any deals this week that were too good to pass up? 

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