Monday, August 19, 2013

New Israeli Internet Supermarket

Do you ever try to shop for groceries online? I've done it on rare occasion, but depending upon where you live, your options are extremely limited, and usually there is a HUGE markup for this convenience service...

So I figured you should all hear the news! Online shopping in Israel is CHANGING!

The Victory chain of supermarkets is opening an online store. You'll be able to find it at MySupermarket.

For now, their delivery area is limited to a small area of the merkaz, but they plan to eventually expand to include more southern areas (as far as Be'er Sheva) and more northern areas (as far as the Krayot).

For now, they are promising that their online prices will be lower than their in-store prices!

That sounds great! Now, can someone get them to expand their delivery area to include the Golan, too?


  1. Do you have a link to the Israeli mysupermarket site?


    David Weitz

    1. David, If you click on "MySupermarket" you'll get there, or copy and paste this link: The Victory store is not yet active, but you'll see all the other internet grocery shopping options there. Expect Victory to be added any day now!
      Hope that helps!


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