Monday, August 19, 2013

Tnuva Egg Recall

Probably most of the eggs affected in the latest recall have already been used up because they were sent to market so long ago - the recall affects Tnuva eggs that have a sell by date of Aug 21-24, which likely came on the market about a month before that.

However here's the information you need, just in case you have some old eggs in your possession!

The eggs are being recalled due to "chemical abnormalities"

Check your eggs for the following codes and expiration dates:

Production code 1269, sell by date 21.8 (refrigerated 20.9)

Production code 1269, sell by date 22.8 (refrigerated 21.9)

Production code 1988, sell by date 24.8 (refrigerated 23.9)

Production code 1997, sell by date 23.8 (refrigerated 22.9)

Production code 1997, sell by date 24.8 (refrigerated 23.9)

Tnuva is asking customers not to consume these eggs, despite the fact that they do not present a public health issue.
Consumers with questions should call Tnuva at 1-800-25-24-24

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